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COMPULSING writes compulsive music.
Starting from the raw concepts, compulsive music is made of millions of tiny bit. These are the minimal amount of information within an immaterial artifact. We call all that 'the portion of one idea'.
Sure, the kind of ideas we are in love are in line with the beauty of mathematics, the real language of Nature.
Every time we think and do actions we apply mathematics to our lifes. Every time we breathe and dream we still apply mathematics to our lifes.
The Machineries use the language of mathematics to process bits of information, or in other words, to process ideas and turn them into sounds. These sounds are only the separated concepts from which we have begun to move to us.
Stretched and resampled. Distorted and effected.
They still represent the ideas in our mind. And now we can hear them.
From the inside.



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Starting from the ruins of past experimentations, the COMPULSING project represents the natural evolution of the ideas hidden in the mind of Pulse: the unique member of the band. Its main scope is to recreate a not conventional sound, deep and dark, possibly unique in its kind, with a message always present at the bottom.
The meanings of each song are often not clear the first time you hear it. This is intentionally. Think that everyone can see a different aspect in the same words due to personal experiences and visions. In fact each song has two levels of meanings. The first is really simple to understand and is related to the story the words tell. The higher meaning is related to a message hidden between the lines.
The topic at the heart of COMPULSING's composition is the Human Being and all what is related: minds, feelings, thoughts, fears, love, hate, life and death. In our inner vision, COMPULSING's philosophy gives the Human Being the role it was designed for.
Nowadays, we cannot say we are free, maybe we have apparently the freedom to do our choices. The truth behind is that we are unconscious of them while we think all is in our hands.
Can we take control of ourself?
This question is at the heart of the problem we take care, 'cos there is no free will without the freedom of the ideas in our minds. And so, all the COMPULSING project aspects play an important role in this neverending game.
All distorted voices, all not linear song's structures are the reflections of a mentally ill and completely paradoxical world. And All lyrics and meanings are just part of the carrying philosophy, an infinite refrains that says:


Odd Reality.
Your brain is the hardware.
Your mind is the software.
Worship no one.


You see. You know. You decide.




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